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Diptyque¬†is a¬†luxury¬†French fragrance brand founded in 1961 at 34¬†Boulevard Saint-Germain¬†in the¬†5th arrondissement of Paris.[1]¬†The company produces¬†eau de parfum,¬†eau de toilette, scented¬†candles,[1]¬†and perfume oil diffusers. The original boutique still operates at the same location in Paris, and the brand has boutiques in¬†London,¬†Tokyo,¬†New York City,¬†Washington DC,¬†Hong Kong,¬†Basel,¬†Doha,¬†Dubai,¬†Madrid,¬†Milan,¬†Beverly Hills,¬†Miami,¬†Las Vegas,¬†Chicago,¬†San Francisco, and¬†Seoul.[2]¬†The name comes from the¬†Ancient Greek¬†word (őīőĮŌÄŌĄŌÖŌáőŅŌā), meaning a¬†two-panel image.

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