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Hugo Boss AG¬†(stylized as¬†HUGO BOSS) is a¬†fashion¬†company headquartered in¬†Metzingen,¬†Baden-W√ľrttemberg,¬†Germany. The company sells¬†clothing,¬†accessories,¬†footwear, and¬†leather goods. Hugo Boss is one of the largest German clothing brands,[3]¬†with global sales of about¬†‚ā¨4.2 billion¬†in 2023.[2]¬†Its stock is a component of the¬†MDAX.[4]¬†The company's fashion brands are¬†Boss¬†and¬†Hugo. Hugo Boss also sells licensed brand products for children's fashion,¬†eyewear,¬†watches, home textiles, riding apparel,¬†writing utensils¬†and¬†fragrances.[5]

The company was founded in 1924 in Germany by¬†Hugo Ferdinand Boss¬†and originally produced general-purpose clothing. In the early 1930s, Hugo Boss began to produce and supply¬†military uniforms¬†for the¬†Nazi Germany government, resulting in a large boost in sales.[6]¬†After¬†World War II¬†and the founder's death in 1948, Hugo Boss started to turn its focus to¬†men's suits. The company¬†went public¬†in 1988 and introduced a fragrance line that same year, adding men's and women's wear¬†diffusion lines¬†in 1997, a full women's collection in 2000, and children's clothing in 2006‚Äď2007. The company has since evolved into a major global fashion house. As of 2015, it operated more than 1,418 retail stores worldwide.[2]

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